So that I can give you an accurate reading I will need clear pictures of your left and right hand palms and the side of your palm on your little finger side. Once you have the images it's a simple matter of attaching them to the online reading form.

The simple photographs I'll need      

I will need clear photos of your:
  • Palms (left and right).
  • Side view of little finger (left and right)
You can click on the images below to see the full size image and the level of clarity needed.
Left Hand Palm
Example Palm
Note - Include about 4cm of the wrist
Side of the Palm
Example Side of Hand

Photo Hints
  • Keep your palm flat when taking palm pictures. Although I'm focusing on the palm I need to see the fingers in relation to the palm as well.
  • White non-reflective paper or card is good for a background. Plain white printer paper can be used.
  • Good lighting makes a big difference, generally daylight gives the best results. Avoid very bright sunlight.
  • To get the detail needed I would suggest a resolution of 16M pixel (just check the settings on your phone/camera).
  • Photo size is limited to 2MB per picture, I'll let you know when you try and upload them if they are too big.