Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Using Palmistry I analyse your prints and reveal your unique personality and character traits. I do this by reading the intricate shape and sizes of the lines on your palms and fingers.
If you are unable to come and see me I offer online palm readings, just go to the 'Online Reading' page to learn more.

Palm Reading

Hand Analysis

Hand analysis is about self discovery and how to unlock the right life for you. Hand analysis involves taking an ink print of your palms and fingers (don't worry it's quite painless). I can then analyse your prints to answer the question, "Why am I here?"

Getting a reading

To book a face to face Palm Reading or a Hand Analysis (or both) please go to my appointments page. For an online reading go my Online Reading page.

Consultation Fees

Service Price (Australian $)
Online Palm Reading AUD $49
Palm Reading at my office AUD $49
Hand print analysis at my office. AUD $49
Palm reading & Hand print analysis at my office. AUD $89